College Work – A huge pain in my ASSignment

As we are drawing closer and closer to Christmas ( I am Soooo excited ) we are getting assignments thrown at us from every angle ! And lets just say Id rather wear Christmas jumpers wrapping presents then go home to a nice cosy fire and watch elf multiple times while drinking hot chocolate than study but here I am sitting in the library trying to write an economics assignment !YAY!

I don’t really mind my workload it’s more about the fact that i have no motivation at the minute. I spend more time thinking about what I’m going to buy for everyone than what i could write about in my final assessments. So this year Santa Claus can i please have some motivation for Christmas ( or preferably a little sooner )  and if that can’t be done, please employ me as an elf in the North Pole for life so I don’t need college that much.


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