How I learn

It’s hard to actually learn in today’s world when we are surrounded by a lot of distractions. Turn on your laptop to look at blackboard and out of nowhere you’re after spending almost an hour on Facebook !

Personally, I learn by doing. Physically doing things that lead to a visible end result. In secondary school I was very good at Design and communication Graphics because i could see things things i was making or drawing as they were coming together. It kind of gave me a sense of self-accomplishment. But physically doing a task to learn isn’t always possible, sometimes you may just have to memorize passages of text. Subjects in which I just have to read twenty pages and answer five small questions on? That’s not my thing. I find it very monotonous and hard to do. Even writing blogs is a bit of a pain because I find my own writing getting boring.

In University now, since a lot of my work is computer/online based, it is sometimes hard to follow. Try write an essay while messaging someone online for help and looking up what to base it on and researching sources and your family members ringing you because they miss you and friends tagging you in things trying to get you to come out… Now that is hard. In today’s digital world all the resources and everything the internet holds can both help and hurt. And social media can definitely hurt if you are lead into going online for ‘just five minutes’.

Motivation is a key factor to try stay set on your task and not stray but it is hard to find.


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