Reclaim Hosting

For my fourth and final (sad face) assignment for my module “Digital tools and methodologies” we were asked to deploy a tool. This meaning we were to set up our own domain. The intention of this assignment was to gain familiarity with the deployment of a web service on our own server space and to appreciate the technology components that come together to allow it to function.

The tool I chose was Piwigo from ‘apps for photos and files’. I began by buying a domain from Reclaim Hosting which cost me $25 (about €23) for the year. I chose Piwigo in order to publish and manage my photos on my domain.

  • What is the purpose of the service or application you have chosen?

The purpose of Piwigo is to allow you to publish and manage collections of photos on your own domain. Features include a privacy setting which allows you to pick and choose what photos you want others to see and what you want to keep private. You can also set permissions on photos and albums for individuals. Piwigo also allows you to tagging your friends and family members which gives visitors another way to browse photos. Tag clouds are also used to help organize photos as are dates, which shows your photos on a calender. Piwigo also includes many other features including plugins, statistic and management tools and different themes.

  • Why are you interested in it?

I am very interested in the idea of seeing all your pictures in the one space especially when they are so easy to look through. I really do believe the phrase that “A picture says a thousand words” which Piwigo shows wonderfully, especially through the use of a calender. This calender gives the view of a timeline of images from someones life. This is a really unique feature as it is very nice to see your photos clearly separated by date or by geological location. This idea interests me very much as it is very visual.

  • How is it or might it be applicable to something you may do in the future?

I believe that Piwigo may be very useful to me in both the far and near future because I can document and remember my images very clearly. For me as for everyone, photos are a memory we can have and hold forever. With Piwigo, these memories can be stored and shared online to our friends and families. Any special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and holidays may be shown on a calender very clearly. Also should I (hopefully) travel in a couple years I can make a clear path both geologically and by date which may help me create a map of my images.

  • What steps were involved in the deployment process?

I began by first signing up to Reclaim hosting on a student deal which cost me €23.30. I then went on to Reclaim Hosting cPanel and searched through many applications and chose Piwigo from the Photos and files section. I then had trouble finding how to set Piwigo as my default page of my domain. This problem was not explained to me nor was I told how to fix it.  I could therefore not set up my domain properly and struggled to see how this may be useful to me.

  • What technologies are used and had to be configured to deploy your chosen application?

I used reclaim hosting to help set up my domain but I had a lot of trouble configuring it.

  • Who would benefit from access to such a service/application?

I believe there are many people who could benefit from using Piwigo both in personal lives and in business.  This application would be especially useful for those who may be selling many goods online. It may also be useful for businesses who are trying to expand and grow online. It may also be especially helpful to artists trying to publish and show their work to others. Piwigo may also be used for personal reasons as a storage space for memories or as visual book of memories.



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