This site is a digital artefact for my BA Digital Humanities and Information Technology final year project. My research looks into the link between social media usage and the mental health of young women, paying close attention to the effects social media has on body image and eating disorders. It includes research previously carried out… Continue reading Introduction



The introduction of mobile applications (apps) has led to a rise in mobile phone usage which in turn has contributed to mobile phone addiction in the digital age. Studies carried out by Roberts, Yaya & Manalis (2014) has shown that this addiction is linked to a strong need in both males and females to be… Continue reading Addiction


Social media allows users to share images and posts as well as see the posts of those you follow. With many people airbrushing their digital lives to give the best impression of themselves, Photo shopping images seems to be the easiest and most common way of doing so. With digital natives now being ‘defined by… Continue reading Photoshop

Eating Disorders

Positive mental health is very important to a person’s wellbeing. A negative mental headspace can potentially affect every aspects of a person’s life such as education, employment, relationship and even physical health. Those with eating disorders often suffer from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety at the same time which may make them even… Continue reading Eating Disorders