My presentation – In detail

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My topic is based on how our perception of beauty has changed in recent years and how this has been mainly caused by the introduction and popularization of digital tools such as Photoshop. The main reason I chose this topic was because photo manipulation is everywhere. We see it every day in advertising, on the covers of magazines and especially online. Social media is the main source of photo-shopped images and is used to spread photo edited images to everyone. This spread has been majorly influenced by the introduction of photo-sharing websites such as Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. An example of Photoshop that is very much popular right now is Kim Kardashian’s ‘Break the Internet’ campaign for Paper magazine. In this photo we are shown a very curvy and voluptuous Kim Kardashian yet when we see the original photo without editing we see that Ms Kardashians assets aren’t what we are shown.

kim k

This dishonesty in industries such as fashion and make up are very harmful to people all over the world. Photo shop is not only used on women but has also been used on male celebrities. Editing techniques that are most commonly used in order to give the appearance of beauty are the smoothing out of skin in order to make it look perfect, bigger and brighter eyes and especially skinnier curves. Photo shop has even been used on advertisements for food in order to make them more appetising and appealing to us. The actual food item we get is unfortunately much smaller or not as appetising as the images we are shown.