Python – The Shnake

So on my course (#UccBadhit) we are – unfortunately – studying python. For me, I’d rather get bitten by an actually python than write code.

Our lecturer described it as a ‘beginner-friendly programming language’ WRONG! It can be summed up pretty perfectly with this picture though.

When I am doing python I am as confused as a student with money in their bank account and it hurts my brain.


Culchies VS The Internet

For those of you who don’t know what a culchie is;

There ya go.

I am a culchie and I’m not afraid to admit it, I grew up and spent all of my life in a small village called Duncannon until I went to UCC . Duncannon itself is a beautiful little seaside village, but that’s pretty much it. All we have is a beach, a fort and two pubs. Now, THAT is small! It’s a town where everyone knows everyone  and their Granny (literally) but I love it…. Except for one thing – The internet connection.

Many people may not realize this but the internet is a novelty. Well it was in my house, it was near impossible to get! Even when we found an internet provider with more than two bars of reception, we were limited to very little usage amounts. I mean we didn’t even have phone signal never mind internet.

But what I am trying to say is that, growing up without it, we didn’t need it, and it didn’t bother us (that much) that we never had it. Up until now, there was at least 10 of my friends without phones never mind facebook and twitter was just unimaginable. Here in the big city of Cork, EVERYONE is on a phone constantly ! People walk through life with their heads down not even glancing up and this is a huge disadvantage to the digital age